Shen Jin Dong
Lot #199

Portraits 1 hour drawings 02

Watercolor on paper

13.5 x 9.8 in

Est. $500

Shen Jin Dong-  1965 Born in Nanjing, China.  1984 Graduated from Nanjing Xiaozhuang Teaching Education School, Fine Arts Department. 1991 Graduated from Nanjing Art College, Printmaking Department. Conscripted into the Chinese Military. Joined the Military Drama Troupe.

‘I think that acceptance of ideas contained in my works is a process of a commodity being accepted by consumers. It takes time. At first I meant to present myself as a hero, and then I broadened themes of my works. By my endeavor, my heroes are being accepted by the public. This means my ambition is being fulfilled. The image of an ordinary person like me will be passed down as a hero. A hundred years later, if my work still exists, people will ask who the person is.’ – Shen Jingdong