Toshiko Nishikawa
Lot #054

Untitled 2008

Mixed media

14 x 10 x 2.5 in | 36 x 25 x 6 cm

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Artist Bio

Toshiko's work, three dimensional work utilized an acrylic box and canvas unified in shiny peal white. Inside the acrylic box, numerous voluminous intertwining threads travel through the entire work, creating the form of a single soft object. While the viewer can perceive the presence of these aspects, they are inconsistent with everyday perception and past experiences. Moreover the combination of shaded and light reflecting parts bring forth the three dimensionality of this work. Robert Morris, who is regarded as one of the most prominent theorists and artist in the later period of Minimalism, wrote that art is a relationship between "Object", "Space", "Light", and "Viewer". Such relationships are seen in the work of Toshiko. It is possible to observe her strong commitment to the "structure of the view". If one is to highlight the difference between Morris's text and Toshiko's work, Morris equates various phenomena with the "structure of view" seeing it as a work of art in itself, while Toshiko's work might be viewed as a catalyst for rousing various "structures of view". Minimalism has been called the pinnacle of Modernism, emphasizing aspect such as such as "Object", "Space","Light", and " Viewer " throughout the 20th century. An interpretation of current art work may not be intelligible without these aspects. Moreover, the possibility of a new art may be based on the assumption of such aspects. In that sense, it may be said Nishikawa is an artist who retrogrades history.