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Lot #011

Sun Power  2017

Acrylic on Canvas (4 Panels).

32 x 40 "

Minimum Bid: $600
Buy Now Price: $1,500
Value: $2,500

Artist Bio:


Gerald Nyamwihura Mushumbusi, aka MOOSH, was born in 1989 at the source of the Nile, in Jinja, Uganda. Tragedy struck his life at a very young age, when he lost his father to AIDS. Soon after his mother also fell ill. Art came into his life through these tough circumstances. When his mother was sent to the United States to have access to better health care, his aunt, an art instructor, took temporary guardianship of him. While living in her home he discovered art. He found drawings that intrigued him and allowed him to escape his sorrows of not having his parents next to him. His aunt then decided to teach him the fundamentals of drawing. 


At  age 13, Moosh migrated to the US and was able to reunite with his mother in New York. In his new home, his fascination grew further as he got introduced to street art. It was serendipitous that he was introduced to the life and work of Keith Haring in the very first art class he joined in the US. This famed artist's life became a source of inspiration for him. He has since vowed to use art as his weapon to fight all of life's adversities.