Nina Sobell

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Nina Sobell
Lot #012

Three's a Crowd  2008

Ink, Acrylic, Water Color. 

20 x 30 "

Minimum Bid: $700
Buy Now Price: $1,500
Value: $2,500

Artist Bio:

As a New York-based artist, Nina Sobell has produced a broad body of work embracing various themes, strategies, and mediums, including video, performance, installation, sculpture and live TV. A participant in the feminist performance movement of the 1970's, her conceptually based work ranges from taboo performances and museum installations to interactive video matrixes for public participation. Sobell began using video in the 1970s as a way to study spectators' interactions with her sculptures, which were placed anonymously in public areas. Exploring video-sculpture, Sobell was intrigued with creating psycho-social transformations via video technology, making environments and mobile structures to physically engage the viewer. Pursuing video's relation to the subconscious led Sobell to her well-known Brainwave Drawing piece, in which a screen monitor registered the brainwaves of two people and their silent attempt to communicate with each other. Nina Sobell discovered that the very presence of technology alters peoples' behavior, due to its capacity to mediate experience, to manipulate space and time, and due also to peoples' belief in its power. She has used these phenomena to sculpt social space. In other words, she has used technology as a prop to give participants permission to overcome various types of boundaries - physical and social - to communicate with one another.