Joseph O`Neill

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Joseph O`Neill
Lot #063

Windows 7  2017

Digital photography; framed

19 x 13"

Minimum Bid: $185
Buy Now Price: $450
Value: $750

My work seeks to spotlight overlooked urban buildings, to showcase details of these edifices. I hope to show dynamic movement and a sense of shifting light in the sights and scenes of my world, dramatically expressed through sharp architectural forms, contrasting dark and light, as I offer each locale a life of its own. Offering a close, almost confrontational view, my work endeavors to vividly envelope the senses, inviting the viewer to re-think the images of the world as my sense sees it, encouraging the viewer to enter this environment and experience my world for themselves.

Artist Bio:

Joseph O’Neill was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1965. He has no formal  education in art, but did study to become a chef. In the process of becoming a chef, he was forced to develop the habit of trying, tasting, and experiencing things in a different way. He has been an active photographer throughout the last decade, but only began exhibiting in 2012.  Because he is self taught, he is never afraid to try different  techniques. His photography has been influenced first by the works of Eugene Atget, and later by Man-Ray. His earlier work in photography was an unplanned documenting of things that are taken for granted as he passed them. Since deliberately moving toward photography as fine art, he has been experimenting more with architectural abstracts and nude studies. His work has appeared in numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world, predominately in New York City and Europe. Has been published in art journals, and art magazines, digitally and in print. His work is on display in the U.S. Embassies in Oman and Latvia, and is an active member of New York City’s oldest artist collective, The Pleiades Gallery.