Laura Elkins

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Laura Elkins
Lot #014

Self as Betty with Coat Hanger Necklace  2011

Oil on canvas; framed

20 x 16"

Minimum Bid: $450
Buy Now Price: $900
Value: $1,500

This painitng is from my Dirty Words series, which began with George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television." However, I soon expanded the work to encompass hot-button social and political issues -- the real dirty words of our time -- to include topics such as abortion, marriage equality, race, and sexuality.  For these works, I painted with a coat hanger around my neck, or while I shaved my face, drank water, blew a whistle, or wrapped myself in a hijab. 

Dirty Words is a series in The White House Collection, self-portraits as First Ladies, which addresses the nature of painting, the portrait, and the figure, through personal, social, and political topics. By immersing the figure into these often politically charged issues, my intent is to create a truly current and vital figurative painting.

Artist Bio:

After living, essentially, a peripatetic life, Laura Elkins, since 2000, has made her home in Washington, DC. The artist has a degree in architecture from the University of Virginia, where she studied life drawing and painting, and has worked in all phases of architectural practice. She also studied at the Polytechnic Central London and Sweet Briar College. Recent exhibitions in New York include “First, She’s a Lady!” a 15-year retrospective of The White House Collection at Tikhonova&Wintner; and the 2017 Film-Makers’ Coop Benefit at Next to Nothing Gallery. The Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi debuted the site-specific installation of “America Selfie” during the Fall 2017 semester. 39th Street Gallery in DC exhibits “America Selfie” January 2018.