Haley Hughes

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Haley Hughes
Lot #038

Burning of Violence  2016

14 layer silk screen, hand drawn by OverPass

21 x 29"

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This print edition marks the second work in an ongoing series of images that exercise the ritual burning of violence. Fourteen layer silk screen printed on coventry rag. Artist Edition 1/25. Printed by Julia Samuels and Henry Brown at OverPass Projects. Image Size: 18” x 26”, Paper Size: 21” x 29”

Artist Bio:

Haley Hughes was born in Paradise, CA in 1984. She is a self-taught artist and has lived and worked in Brooklyn for the past fifteen years. Her paintings, sculptures and performance intend to act as a form of visual and emotional journalism. In her work, the image is both charted landscape and unfolding narrative. She paints colorful, gory, and critically incisive landscapes that lambaste the American ruling parties and their dominant historiography. Her paintings function as abstracted narratives of current events, war, globalism, drone attacks, global warming, mass shootings, capital and politics as seen through a Technicolor dreamscape. The colors, patterns and symbolism of Islamic and Indian art as well as the narrative trajectories of 17th century Chinese scrolls inspire her.  Hughes’ work is in the Watermill Collection and has been published in the Nation Magazine, W Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, title-magazine and The Huffington Post, . She has shown at Haverford College, MoMa PS1 Art Book Fair, Flux Factory, EFA Project Space, Sunview Luncheonette, Columbia College, and The Whitney Huston Biennial, NYC. She is a former I-Park resident and an acting member of Dome Theatre, and has performed at SpringBreak Art Fair, Scope Art Fair, Saint Mark's Church, Dixon Place, Zebulon, The Church of the little green man and at numerous other venues in the US and abroad. (www.haleyhughespaintings.blogspot.com)