Ehren Clodfelter

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Ehren Clodfelter
Lot #027

Untitled  2017

Oil Stick. Framed.

24 x 18 "

Minimum Bid: $280
Buy Now Price: $300
Value: $500

Self-portrait exploring self-acceptance, sexuality, and angst in current political climate.

Artist Bio:

Ehren Austin Clodfelter (b. 1982) is an American born artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His autobiographical weighted work creates a treaty between the recognizable and the purely abstract, laying a road of emotional progression through a thoughtful and intentional line. Clodfelter's drawings, paintings, and prints may be minimalist in physical construction but are expressionist in intent and relation while avoiding superfluous detours in favor of truth found in simplicity. A constant observer of self and environment, Clodfelter's goal is to create honest, telling work that explores the layers of his daily search for peace and economy in a personal and original visual language. Ehren Austin Clodfelter has exhibited most recently with Studio 200 hosted by ArtShims, Stuart & Co Gallery (Chicago, IL), Sensei Gallery (New York, NY), Select Fair (Miami, FL), Art Helix (Brooklyn, NY), Echo Art Fair (Buffalo, NY), Temporary Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Brooklyn Art Crit Group (Brooklyn, NY), Studio 200 (New York, NY), CCCP Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), Gallerybar (New York, NY), 25Cpw (New York, NY).