Raja Aissa

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Raja Aissa
Lot #123

Faith  2012

Perforated black painted fabric and photography

20 x 16 "

Minimum Bid: $1,000
Buy Now Price: $1,600
Value: $2,000

This work is part of a series called "Reflection" that explores the mirror process in its interaction with the physical and psychological realms, and its connection between the visible and the unseen. The portraits are perforated according to an elaborate Islamic geometrical pattern. They question the ambiguity of cultural identity imprisoned in "ready made" thoughts and beliefs. The perforations subtract parts of the portrait, combining them with the viewer's shadow, and they become bridges or traps in the interconnection of people and oneself. The interplay of these elements acts like a looking glass, inviting the viewer to get past the fear of learning more about our fundamental nature and essence.