Ann Messner

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Ann Messner
Lot #003

Double Trouble (redact removal)  2012

Remaining: 6

Medium: Ten unique pages from one copy of "Administration of Torture" by Jameel Jaffer and Amrit Singh, thread and glue. (8" x 10-13")

Description of double trouble (redact removal): all of the redactions contained within the official documents that are the evidence put forward in the book Administration of Torture have been removed; page by page - they remain connected simply by the thin thread glued to the space on the page from which each came. This is a work made specifically for WBAI's benefit auction.

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Brief Bio:

Ann Messner has focused her work as a visual artist in an investigation of and a concern for the contemporary schism, or unresolved tension, between notions of the private and public life. Most recently this has evolved into an investigation of an embodied public voice, as it intersects between the personal and the political. This investigation has resulted in a number of temporary site-specific public works, as well as many exhibitions in the more traditional gallery / museum venue. Currently in the project 'who gets to speak?' a long-term installation utilizing the speakers corner at Revolution Books in New York City.

She is a recipient numerous fellowships including: the NEA, New York Foundation for the Arts, Henry Moore International Fellowship, a Guggenheim Fellowship, Anonymous Was a Woman Award, and a Gottlieb Foundation fellowship. She was a senior fellow at Princeton University Council on the Humanities, and has taught at MIT's Visual Arts Program, Hunter College, Bennington College, Maryland Institute of Art. Messner currently teaches at Pratt Institute.

Messner is a member of Artists Against the War and has worked with the direct action collective A.R.T. (Activists Response Team). She was the creative director of the anti-war multi-screen 'disarming images' produced and distributed by Artists Against the War in 2005. She has produced a series of tabloid and video works that analyze from a critical perspective the current 'war on terror', always with a sharp articulated focus on the 'physicality' of and the accompanying legal contortions that rationalize US policy.