Anton Kandinsky

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Anton Kandinsky
Lot #001

We the People, 2012 

Oil on canvas
36 x 48 "

Minimum Bid: $1,500
Value: Priceless
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

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Anton S. Kandinsky (born 1960 in Soviet Union, today's Ukraine) is a New York based artist known for his paintings depicting realistic images of luminiscent gemstones. Referred to as "Gemism,Ē" these works comprise a movement started by Kandinsky in New York in 2004. The gemstones are intermingled with flags, ideograms, political figures and celebrities along with symbolism from China, the former Soviet Union and American pop culture. Yet this is not straight Pop, nor is it Chinese art or some pastiche of Soviet-era propaganda; "Gemism" is a tip of the cap to all three.

Anton Kandinsky was born into a family of artists. His father was a socialist realism painter and his mother was a sculptor. Kandinsky studied at Simferopol Art College (1975-1979). He was a private student of artist Yevsey Moiseyenko in St. Petersburg before entering the Kyiv State Art Institute, where he studied at the Monumental Department (1980-1986). In 1986 Kandinsky graduated from the Art Institute with a Master's in Fine Arts. In 1998 the artist immigrated to the United States of America.

His work has been exhibited in diverse locations around the world including Russian Contemporary Show in Beijing at Han Ji Yun Gallery (2008), China-ism II: Democracy or Economy? Anton S. Kandinsky / Ai
Weiwei, WHITE BOX, New York (2011), I want to be Kandinsky, Loft at Malaya Bronnaya, Moscow (2012). Kandinsky's most famous art projects include the Meditation of Weapons (2007), I donít want to be a Russian Artist (2008), and China-ism (2009). The artist lives and works in New York.