Leslee Stradford
Lot #215

Nude in an Interior

Acrylic on linen.

27 by 9.25 inches

Est. Value: $2,900

Leslie Stratford is a Canadian artist living in south-west France. She was born in Saskatoon, grew up in Montréal, practised law in Toronto and worked in a London investment bank before taking up painting full-time. Leslie and her husband, Jan Laury, enjoy the tranquility of their rural home, which they share with their ageing dog. When not painting, she is cycling or working in the garden.

Leslie’s work may be found in private collections in Canada, the US, the UK, France, Spain, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and India. Her work is also on permanent display at University College London (large portrait of Sartre (2004) in the French Department).

After a very long and unbidden pause (2016-2019), Leslie is again painting full-time. She recently (summer 2020) hung an exhibition in Mirepoix, a local town. If time permits, Leslie prefers to make her own wooden stretchers which she covers with raw linen. Warm rabbit skin glue protects the linen from the oils of the paint. Images at the bottom of this page.