Lucy Winton
Lot #210

Bunny Haunt 2021

Ink graphite acrilyic on paper

18 by 26 inches

Est. Value: $1,000

This is one of a series of rabbits making mischief with predators. A common device in fairy tales.  And why resist it!  I prefer nocturnes for creatures—it insinuates the beatific and magical. I like a mix of illustrational tropes. I like trends from the romantic era.

Born in 1956 in Boston, Massachusetts, Lucy Winton began her unconventional career as an artist by becoming a paramedic in 1980 for the city of New York. As a young artist, she was breaking ground in the international art scene working with mixed media and creating earthy yet otherworldly compositions. April Gornik, a recent curator of Lucy Winton's work, described her art as "a meditation on our relationship to each other and the greater world outside ourselves.