Lot #066

Sun Moon Lake Lifeforms, 2019

'Paint marker' on Taiwanese Cypress Wood.

8" x 7"

Estimate $300

4 Lifeforms are emerging from the center of root of this Taiwania Cypress wood obtained in the Sun Moon Lake Reigon of Taiwan. The Lifeforms have a playful watery organic feel and color that matches the crisp aqua colors of Sun Moon Lake.

About Grimace:

Grimace is a New York City-based artist that combines elements of Graffiti, abstract art, and other worldwide cultural influences taken in from his extensive world traveling to make up his current body of work. Starting off by painting graffiti as a teenager in 1992, Grimace’s artwork has evolved over the years to become Organic Living Breathing Abstract Lifeforms that have their roots in classic “fat and juicy” bubbly graffiti, but with new abstract elements mixed in. Over time, the Abstract forms have taken over the rules of traditional letter formations to become alive, moving, living organic Life Forms growing in their own direction to become live characters of their own, while still lending towards traditional graffiti bubbly styles that would be found on the street. This enables Grimace’s artwork to be admired and respected by both ‘Graffiti purists’ as well as the general public, and children that often get lost in the color fades and hidden characters that can be found lurking in Grimace’s work.