Pete Speller
Lot #075

Glacier, Livingston Island, Antarctic Peninsula, 2018


15" x 10"

Estimate $60

This image shows a glacier at Livingston Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. As the snow freezes and becomes part of the glacier, it gets compressed so much the air is squeezed out of it entirely. This is what creates the intense blue colour that gets darker towards the inside and bottom of a glacier. The black marks are soot and dust that has come from human activity around the world. 

About Pete Speller:
Pete is a human rights and environmental campaigner whose work explores the intersection of art, technology, activism and storytelling. His work uses a range of mediums including traditional photography and documentary film, live streaming, performance and social sculpture as a member of art-activism group Liberate Tate and creating the world's first multi-sensory virtual reality experience.