How Art for Tibet’s Online Auction Works

ART FOR TIBET combines a live in-person silent auction with an online auction that reaches an international audience.

All pieces are available for online bidding starting OCTOBER 25 @ 12 Noon EST.

At 3:00pm on the day of the live auction (Nov. 7, 2019), online bidding will be suspended for 48 hours. The highest online bid will become the opening bid amount at the Silent Auction. If a piece does not meet its reserve price or minimum bid when Silent Auction bidding closes at 9:00pm at the gallery, it will go back online for an additional ten days of bidding.

ALL ONLINE AUCTION LOTS Close Nov. 7 at 3:00pm EST, prior to In-Person event that evening.

Your highest online bid will be the opening bid at the live benefit events:

THURSDAY NOV.7 -- 6:00pm - 9:00pm
GALLERY EIGHT 2602 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10030

If you are not able to attend the silent auction to continue bidding on the artworks in person, we offer a free concierge bidding service for absentee bids. Please see below for more details.

THE ONLINE AUCTION WILL RESUME AGAIN FOLLOWING SILENT AUCTION on any works not previously sold at the silent auction. Details at

  • Cookies must be enabled to bid.
  • Please add to your list of permitted email contacts (white list) so that you receive outbid notification.
  • Enable "pop-ups" on your desktop.
  • Once you are registered you will receive email updates about the auction, including last minute items.

1. You must REGISTER to bid on items in the online auction. To register, simply follow the navigation links to "Register." After registering, you will receive an ONLINE BIDDER ID #. This number is linked to your e-mail address.

2. Bid on any item by clicking its thumbnail image. The bid window for that item will open. Please note that there may be additional works presented at the silent auction, which are not available for online bidding.

3. When the Bid Window opens, you must LOG-IN before placing a bid. (Log-In is necessary just once for each bidding session.) Enter your e-mail address and your online bidder id# as indicated and click Log-In. Be sure you always use the same e-mail address. If you enter incorrect information, your bid will not be accepted and you must repeat the log-in.


(a) NEXT BID: You can bid the amount in the NEXT BID field or you can enter an amount greater than the next BID INCREMENT amount (in round numbers please!). Click BID to submit your bid for this amount.

(b) AUTO-BID. This is the "maximum amount" up to which you are prepared to bid on an item. The Auction program will now automatically manage this bid for you. It will bid the next BID INCREMENT on your behalf against all other bidders up to the maximum amount of your AUTO-BID and no further. Place your "maximum amount" in the NEXT BID field (in round numbers please!). Check the AUTO-BID box. Then click BID. Please note that you can place an AUTO-BID when you are already the high bidder without increasing your current high bid.

  (c) CONCIERGE BID: You can use our concierge bid service to ensure that your maximum bid is entered at the gallery. Because bidding will continue at the New York gallery after the first round of online auction has closed, your maximum online bid on a particular auction lot may not be the final maximum bid on that lot. If you cannot be present at the gallery to monitor bidding, but would like to remain in competition for an auction lot, you can use our free concierge bid service. With this service, a representative will bid on your behalf up to your maximum stated bid amount. The auction representative will make a good faith effort to monitor bidding on your selected lot(s) throughout the night and increase your bid amount according to the required bid increments, up to your maximum bid.

Concierge bids can be placed in two ways:
  • Using the AutoBid function, enter your maximum bid amount (all active Auto Bids will be handled as Concierge Bids night of event). *Placing an Auto Bid will not raise a current High Bid.

  • By phone to SFT at (212) 358-0071 or until 3PM (EST) the evening of the silent auction (NOV. 7, 2019).
**When placing a bid do not use any punctuation: i.e. $2,000.00 is written 2000.

5. When you have finished bidding, close the Bid Window. You can now bid on another Catalog item.

6. Bid extension rules are in effect. If a bid is made within 30 seconds of closing, the bid period is extended 2 minutes. (**** preceding Item# indicates extended bidding on that item).


MY ITEMS: The My Items page allows you to view all the items you wish to follow and/or bid on. Every item you bid on is automatically added to your My Auctions page. To add an item that you have not yet bid on, click on the ADD TO MY ITEMS button found on the bid window for each item. There is a link to the My Items page on the top of all catalog pages.

BID HISTORY - The Bid History for each item is linked to the Current High Bid value in the Bid Window. Clicking on the Current High Bid value will show you the prior bidding on the item.

NOTIFICATION BY E-MAIL - You will automatically be notified by e-mail & text if your bid has been replaced by a new high bid. The message will be sent to the address/cell you registered with. The message will contain a hyperlink to your MyItems page. Should you wish to bid again on the item, just click on that hyperlink.

PAYMENT - If you are the winning bidder on an auction lot, you will be notified by email by the end of the following business day (Friday Nov. 8). Your winning bid amount will be charged on the credit card you supplied during registration. Shipping charges will be charged to your card as a separate transaction after we calculate the actual cost. In some cases this may be days or weeks after the transaction for your winning bid amount. If you prefer to pay using a different card, you must notify us within 24 hours of your receipt of the winning bids notification.


Packing and Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Winning Bidder. A representative of Students for a Free Tibet will get in touch with Winning Bidders within 3 business days of the Auction close to discuss shipping options. Shipping charges will be calculated based on the weight, dimensions and shipping address of the Winning Bidder. A $5.00/item handling fee will be added to the shipping cost to cover packing supplies.

Winning bidders in the New York area can make arrangements to pickup artwork at Students for a Free Tibet:

International Headquarters
Students for a Free Tibet
602 East 14th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10009 USA
Phone: (212) 358-007

If you have not made arrangements for pick-up/delivery within 10 business days of auction close, your auction lot will be considered abandoned and will be saved for resale in a future auction.

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