Tsering Dolma

Balloons, 2018

Acrylic on canvas

15 x 12 in

Estimate $650

This painting sums up my agitation and amusement about what is happening around the world and in my community. The focus on differences over similarities, hate over love, bombs over balloons, surnames over hugs, regions over recess. They all bore me to no end. Call me an idealist but most of the good things you see around you, was stemmed from someone who cared enough to think, idealize and create. And we do have the power to create that space, that environment we instinctively aspire for. Only, if we just care enough to raise our consciousness and see “person” rather than “people.” We are all the same, and unity as a community, as citizens of the world, is what truly decides the fate of our humanity.


About Tsering Dolma:

Tsering Dolma is a Tibetan lifestyle journalist based out of New York City. Her area of interest lies in fashion, arts, culture and feminism.

In 2016, after working in the Indian media industry for 6 years, Dolma moved to the New York City to pursue her career in the fashion industry. During her initial months in the city, she interned with premier fashion PR firms and media organizations like Atelier Doré founded by the fashion insider and an authority, Garance Doré. Besides painting, sketching, making short videos and writing poetry, Dolma also contributes articles for The Hindu, a national daily newspaper in India.