Tashi Norbu

Spaciousness (Set of 3), 2018

Tibetan Scriptures, raw pigments, and acrylic on canvas

19 x 19 in each

Estimate $3,600

Through brilliant coulours applied with large and generous brush strokes, these paintings show Buddhas sitting in the lotus position and contemplating the endless movement of the infinite sky. They are focused on their centerless center, the pure Space and Light. In the same way, when our Self is merged into Nature we can perceive the true nature of Space. Being into Nature brings out our naturalness, purifing our mind and starting the process of clearing out the source of sufference from its root: the wrong view coming from ignorance. Losing the ties of Samsara, we can free ourselves and reach the Nirvana.

About Tashi Norbu:

Tashi Norbu is an independent Tibetan born contemporary artist. He lives and works in The Netherlands. He completed his art studies in the western world at the Saint Lucas Academy of Visual Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

Tashi Norbu, has developed into an allround and versatile contemporary artist. His art, however, still shows the fundamentals/basics of his background - Tibet and Buddhism - combined with strong influences from western art forms, western ideas and modern time's icons.