Urgyen Badheytsang

Tibetan Pride Flag, 2016


Remaining: 3
16 x 25 in

Edition of 35. Signed and numbered.

On June 12, 2016, a shooting at an Orlando LGBT bar named Pulse left 49 people dead, and 58 seriously injured. Many of my LGBT friends were deeply impacted as well, and their visible hurt and anxiety was a stark reminder of how alone one can feel in such targeted situations, brought about by hate. While many around the world showed their solidarity and support for the LGBT community, I felt, as a Tibetan, that we needed a national act of solidarity as well. One thing that all Tibetan activists own, cherish, and proudly wave is the vibrant Tibetan flag. Thus, I took one symbol that I felt I belonged to - and belonged to me - and by laying the bright LGBT Rainbow flag colors on it, made this symbol of Tibetan national solidarity for the LGBT community.


About Urgyen Badheytsang:

Urgyen Badheytsang is a Graphic Designer by trade. Born in Nepal, he grew up around Tibetan Thangkas (Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Paintings) as his father ran a Tibetan Thangka studio at home. He majored in Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design, focusing solely on activism as his final year design thesis. He served as the Creative Director of Students for a Free Tibet International and the Campaigns Director at Students for a Free Tibet International.