Upahar Rana

Hindsight, 2015

Acrylic Paint and Ink on Wood

12 x 12 in

Estimate $1,000

Hindsight with a third eye and blue skin depicts transcendence beyond our physical world of limitation. It stands for growth, power, and unity.


About Upahar Rana:

Upahar Rana is a self-taught artist and writer living in Brooklyn, New York. From growing up in Nepal to being born and raised in Hawaii and California, the different cultures she's immersed in highly shape her visual stories. With watercolor and ink work, Upahar's artwork often focuses on feminine figures and animals to depict an emotional voyage that is thought-provoking of the daily struggles and inspirations. It is those tangible moments that inspire Upahar's work in the context of self-discovery, growth, courage, and aspirations.