CLOSING September 16 @ 6:00PM
Minimum Bid $ 200
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Anthony Manal Castro

Lot #*03
Soft Woosh, Thud  2017

acrylic on found image / wood panel

10" X 8"

The piece is reiteration on a series I began in 2006, called "Black Drawings" - Essentially loose, abstract "carvings" on dried black acrylic on a found image. The idea came about as a reexamination of making a painting without using a brush by simply dragging acrylic paint with a metro card on a found printed surface and cutting into it after drying. The process became a sort of "excavation" as the texture and color, and imperfections of the paper from the found image began to reveal itself.

Minimum Bid: $200
Est. Value: $800

Artist's Bio:

Anthony Castro was born in Romblon Philippines, and grew up in San Jose, California. He received his BFA, Painting at San Jose State University and MFA, Painting at the Claremont Graduate University, After completing his graduate studies, Castro made Prague, CZ his home for a year where he made his way hustling mural / visual aesthetic gigs for dance clubs and interior spaces before moving to NYC in 1993.

At the core of Castro’s art is sense of improvisation fused with a controlled fluidity to produce complex patterned abstractions. His recent cut and paste series of “found” local supermarket sale posters investigates the idea of typography as an object. The process of physically cutting and rearranging and distorting its vernacular aesthetic to “weave” this pattern brings to mind the idea of some kind of indigenous form of writing, creating his own unique visual language.