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Lot #47
Ins & Outs  2017

Hand-stitched thread on canvas

11" x 8.5"

The piece is made from the verso of a hand-stitched world map. It reveals all the knots and ties used to build its borders and points to the abstraction of global maps whose strings are generally pulled by an elite few. This map is 9th in an infinite series of variations. It includes borders around Tibet.

Minimum Bid: $130
Est. Value: $550

Artist's Bio:

Capucine Gros is a Switzerland-born artist. She grew up in France and China, and currently lives and works in New York. Capucine has completed projects breaching in and out of the art world, from screen-printing workshops in public schools to year-long performances as well as life-long paintings or annual hand-made books. She is currently completing a 200-day performance wearing one shirt for every country in the world, each screen-printed into the country’s borders. She most recently had her first solo exhibition at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, New York.