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Tenzin Rabyang SOLD!!!

Lot #77
The Fall  March 2017

ink and paint

18.5" x 22.5" framed

15.7” x 19.6” without frame 

This art work represents the struggle and pain Tibetan people have felt after losing their kingdom on 1959. The red paint represents the killing of Tibet, and the fading of the snowlion represents the fading of Tibetan culture amongst the new generation. The main message from this artwork is to remind the young generation what happened, and also to educate yourself first and work hard to free Tibet.

Minimum Bid: $40
Est. Value: $150

Artist's Bio:

A Tibetan artist born in Nepal and raised in India, Rabyang draws inspiration from his surroundings and daily life. He uses his work as a tool for self-expression, with particular focus on the struggle of people he meets throughout his life.