CLOSING September 16 @ 6:00PM
Minimum Bid $ 50
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Bhaga Tashi

Lot #*82
Thep  August 2017

Acrylic on canvas

20" x 20"

"This is by no means an intellectually thought-out piece. It is rather an emotional disruptive memory of the way I personally feel while in the process of "waiting" for validation.This hopeful act of waiting has become almost dissolved with my individual existence and thereafter, identity simply as a woman of no land.

It is a constant void of cracks you must fill to survive and flourish in life. Existence is a necessity, identity arrives after. In a way, it is a luxury achievable after arrival. Just to to bluntly put it out."

Minimum Bid: $50
Est. Value: $200

Artists's Bio:

Bhaga was born in 1987.  She is a self-taught/teaching artist.