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Lot #14
Speech Oppressed  2008

Oil on Canvas

30" x 40"

Two Tibetan monks from Tibet, display a piece of cloth with Tibetan script on it that reads "we have no freedom of expression". The other monk is doing a hand gesture that depicts the idea of oppression. The piece was inspired by a picture that came out of Tibet in 2008 amidst the Tibetan uprising on the lead to the Olympic games.

Minimum Bid: $625
Est. Value: $2,500

Artist's Bio:

Ngawang Jorden was born to a Mompa mother in Tawang, birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama. He attended Sera Monastery and currently lives in Boston. As a Tibetan political activist and community organizer, Jorden interprets current and historic socio-political events and human behavior in combination with ideas from his life as a shepherd, monk, a stupa builder and carpenter. Through his artwork, Jorden tells the story of humans trapped in samsara, repeating the same actions under different circumstances at different points in time.