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Sam Pullin

Lot #*64
Fertile Crescent or Bust  2017

Oil on canvas

36" x 48"

The painting is of the bust of the Roman Emperor Constantine floating over a European cemetery. Constantine was said to have united Rome under christianity during a period of infighting because of a dream he had where a cross appeared to him and he was promised military victories if he adopted the faith. The painting is a reflection on this story and it's impact on the history of the world, and how, if you accept the story as truth, the subconscious mind of an ancient man continues to shape world culture and global politics.

Minimum Bid: $200
Est. Value: $800


Sam Pullin is an artist working in multiple mediums. His work interacts with the space between the personal and political, and references the conflicts and harmonies between subjective realities and the objective reality. Sam is based in Jersey City.