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  • Please add auctioneer@benefitevents.com to your list of permitted email contacts (white list) so that you receive outbid notification.
You must REGISTER to bid on items in the online auction. To register, simply follow the navigation links to "Register." After registering, you will receive a PADDLE # via email and text (if you entered a mobile number). Along with your e-mail address, this is your log-in info.
Bid on any item by clicking its catalog image. The bid window for that item will open.
With the Bid Window open, you can place a bid by clicking the BID button according to the options below. (If you have not already logged in, you will be asked to enter your PADDLE # and your email. Enter your e-mail address and your PADDLE # as indicated, and click Log-In. Be sure you always use the same e-mail address. If you enter incorrect information, your bid will not be accepted and you must repeat the log-in. If you are not registered please use the Registration link to do so.


**When placing a bid do not use any punctuation: i.e. $2,000.00 is written 2000.

(a) NEXT BID: You can bid the amount already in the NEXT BID field, or you can manually enter a greater amount of your choosing (in round numbers please!). Click BID to submit your bid for this amount.


(b) AUTO-BID: Enter the "maximum amount" you are prepared to bid on an item, check the AUTO-BID box, then click BID (Please enter AUTO-BIDS in multiples of 10!). The Auction program will now automatically manage this bid for you. It will bid the next BID INCREMENT on your behalf against all other bidders up to the maximum amount of your AUTO-BID and no further. Please note that you can place an AUTO-BID when you are already the high bidder, without increasing your current high bid.


(c) BUY NOW BID: Become the winning bidder immediately! Most items have a Buy Now price. If you bid an amount equal to (or above... encouraged!) the Buy Now price, you will stop the bidding and win that item right away at the amount you bid.

When you have finished bidding, close the Bid Window. You can now bid on another Catalog item.


MY ITEMS: The My Items page allows you to view all the items you wish to follow and/or bid on. Every item you bid on is automatically added to your My Items page. To add an item that you have not yet bid on, click on the ADD TO MY ITEMS button in the bid window for that item. If you are not logged in or are not a registered bidder, you will be required to put in your e-mail address. There is a link to the My Items page on the top of all catalog pages.

BID HISTORY - The Bid History for each item is linked to the Current High Bid value in the Bid Window. Clicking on the Current High Bid value will show you the prior bidding on the item.

NOTIFICATION BY E-MAIL - You will automatically be notified by e-mail and text if you have been outbid. The e-mail will be sent to the address you registered with. The e-mail and terxt will contain a hyperlink directly to your My Items page. Should you wish to bid again on the item, just click on that hyperlink.


At the conclusion of bidding on March 31, winning bidders will receive a pro-forma invoice indicating the items they won and the total amount due. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours, the credit card you registered with will be charged in this amount. If you wish to provide an alternative payment method, you must do so during the next full business day after the close of bidding.

Winners can pick up their items at the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce located at 602 E. Commerce St. San Antonio, Texas 78205 between the hours of 8am-5pm, M-F. If shipment is necessary, please contact Lauren Vissotzky, Director of Special Events with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce at 210-229-2129 to make arrangements.