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# 01 Dread Scott

Sign of the Times (1997 SOLD)
39" x 39"

Screen print donated and signed by the artist. Limited edition 12 of 13. The Whitney Museum owns a copy of this famous print which reads "Danger - Police in the Area." Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $1,100

# 02 Joe Friday

The Bad Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree (1997)
18" x 9"

Poster created in the wake of the assault by NYPD of Haitian immigrant Abner Louima. Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $40

# 03 Shepard Fairey, with photographer Glen E. Friedman

Cornel West (2009)
18 x 24″

Screen Print by Shepard Fairey, in collaboration with Glen E. Friedman who took the photograph of Cornel West at the first dialogue between Dr. West and Carl Dix in July 2009. Edition of 450. Rare. Donated to RB by Shepard Fairey and Glen E. Friedman, signed by both artists + Dr. West. Condition: excellent.
Purchase Price $500

# 04 Henry Chalfant & Martha Cooper

Subway Art book (signed poster) (200)
24" x 18"

Poster announcing the release of "Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition." During the 1970s and 80s photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant captured the environment and the imagination of a generation by documenting the burgeoning New York City graffiti movement. This poster is signed by Chalfant and Cooper, and many of the early graffiti writers, on the occasion of the release party for the book at Revolution Books, 2009.
Purchase Price $600

# 05 Faith Ringgold

Poster of "Church Picnic" (1988)
36" x 36"

Poster of "Church Picnic" from High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia. "Church Picnic" is one of Faith Ringgold's famous story quilts. Poster was donated to Revolution Books by Faith Ringgold. Condition very good.
Purchase Price $125

# 06 Keith Haring

Resist In Concert (1988)
28" x 20"

Rare historic poster from December 1988 Refuse & Resist! concert at the now-torn-down Palladium on 14th Street. Keith Haring designed the dancing fist logo especially for this concert which featured Sinead O'Connor, Soul Asylum, MC Lyte and many more. Signed and dated by Keith Haring. Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $550

# 07 Robbie Conal

Casual Drug Users Should Be Taken Out and Shot/Beaten (1991)

Poster features quote from LA Police Chief Daryl Gates. Gates' quote was altered by poster artist Robbie Conal after Rodney King was beaten by LAPD, the cops were let off, and LA Rebellion followed. Condition Good.
Purchase Price $600

# 08 Keith Haring

Free South Africa (1985 SOLD)
48" x 48"

Poster. In 1985, Haring personally handed out for free his Free South Africa posters at anti-apartheid demonstrations. Condition very good.
Purchase Price $650

# 09 Faith Ringgold

The United States of Attica  (1972 SOLD)
22" x 28"

Original poster by Faith Ringgold. Cut paper. Donated to RB by the artist. This famous poster honored the prisoners who rose up at Attica Prison, and documents acts of violence and terror committed by the US government since its founding. Top center: "The United States of Attica, 1971, Founded by the American People on Sept. 13, 1971 at Attica Prison N.Y. where 42 men gave up their lives in an heroic struggle for freedom…" Bottom center: "This map of American violence is incomplete. Please write in whatever you find lacking." Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $3,000

# 11 Andy Zee

Triptych - "Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War" (2001)
30" x 40"

Times Square, September 2001, "Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War." Digital C-print photograph. Framed. Comes with an original placard from the performance in Times Square after 911. Condition C-Print excellent (there is no vertical white line in print!), frame good.
Purchase Price $750

# 12 Dread Scott, Mark Lepson

Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War (Sept. 22, 2001 )
22" x 14"

Silk-screened placard with twine. Silk-screened placard with twine. At 12 noon Saturday, September 22, 2001, ten days after 911, over 100 artists all wearing black filed onto Union Square. A hush fell over the crowd as they took their places in a semi-circle. For one hour they stood in silence wearing face masks and the placards. By that evening the image was seen around the world. Condition: excellent. Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $50

# 13 Dread Scott

Beloved Guardian (2003)
20" x 15"

Screenprint, edition is 20 with 9AP and 2PP. This work uses text drawn from two sources, a passage from the Toni Morrison novel "Beloved" that depicts terror against Black people in the US in the 1870s, and an article from the London Guardian newspaper that describes a US bombing in Afghanistan. In the artwork, the two disparate sources merge almost seamlessly into one.
Purchase Price $600

# 15 Lalo Alcarez

White Men Can't Jump (1998)
24" x 18"

Silk-screened on heavy paper (embossed). Featuring former head of LA Police Department Daryl Gates along with George W. Bush. This is an early work of Alcarez who is now a syndicated cartoonist. Condition: very good (2 tiny rips on edge)
Purchase Price $275

# 16 Communist Party of Iran

Poster celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of Iran (May 1, 2001)
24" x 16.5"

Poster celebrating the founding of the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) on May 1, 2001. In Farsi, English and French. Condition very good.
Purchase Price $100

# 17 Christo and Jeanne-Claude

3 Posters by Christo, signed by Christo and Jeanne-Claude (1984-2001)
30" x 40"

Photos on heavy stock of 3 legendary wrapped works by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, each of them signed by the artists. -Le Pont-Neuf (Paris) -Running Fence (Marin and Sonoma Counties, CA) -The Umbrellas (Japan-USA, 1984-91)
Purchase Price $240

# 18 Unknown

Before Liberation - poster from revolutionary China (early 70s)
18" x 12"

An original poster from revolutionary China (1949-76) -- a scene from feudal Chinese society before liberation... A young woman doing the laundry being berated by her mother-in-law. Condition very good.
Purchase Price $75

# 19 Unknown

Learning to Read - poster from revolutionary China  (early 70s SOLD)
18" x 15"

Poster created during Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, A child and her grandmother learning to read. Text reads, "When the Communist Party came, life became sweet."
Purchase Price $75

# 21 Rene Guerin

Two Worlds  (2008 SOLD)
12" x 14"

Original acrylic painting. Donated and signed by Guerin, an artist from Florida. Framed.
Purchase Price $300

# 23 Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Wrapped Statues / Project for Der Glyptothek (1988)
35" x 27"

Silkscreen on paper. Framed. 1 of 300 signed & numbered impressions. Condition of artwork: excellent. Frame: good. Christo: "I am an artist, and I have to have courage. Do you know that I don't have any artworks that exist? They all go away when they're finished. Only the preparatory drawings, and collages are left..."
Purchase Price $4,000

# 24 Amaris Modesto

Choking Hazard (December 2014)

Poster created in the wake of the killing of Eric Garner, the exoneration of the police who committed the crime, and massive resistance in the streets. Condition excellent.
Purchase Price $20