Yvonne Lamar-Rogers
Lot #143

Eartha's Tapestry, 2020

Mixed media.

48 x 24"

Eartha’s Tapestry” is my interpretation of just a tiny bit of natures rich beauty  and textures .  

She is a mixed media work on stretched canvas. Materials and techniques  include; collage, acrylic painting, botanical printmaking, weaving, hand carved  rubber stamps, ink, polymer clay, semiprecious beads and stones, ribbon, paper and text.  

Artist's Bio: 
New York City based, mixed media collage artist, jewelry designer and teaching  artist, Yvonne Lamar-Rogers, has recently renewed her passion for creating her  art after focusing on teaching art for many years. Yvonne finds experimenting  with various materials and techniques to create vivid, textural, narratives always  exciting and new. 

Artist's Website&IG:  http://www.nyartistscircle.com; @ylamarrogers