Tiffany Claborn
Lot #146


Acrylic paint on canvas. 

 25 x 35"

This painting originated from the feelings of being  stifled I was dealing with mental health and capturing  that essence of feeling trapped. I used the motif camouflage to describe a state of saftey in hiding. I acknowledged methods used such as Navajo Coda talking and modern day code switching. The hands come through the painting to emphasize a breakthrough and creation. The hands are mine. The color blue representing the internal of our bodies and the sky as the limit. The yellow peaking through as the sun rising. I want to speak to the black mind and body as a human accepting his/her challenge with identifying a health problem and catering to execute and solve health issue in a healthy way. I was diagnosed as bipolar depression one summer and it nearly tore me apart but I found my voice and rediscover my voice in standing up for myself as a black woman artist in America.

Artist's Bio:

My art being self reflective and communication. Discussing black owned and standing your ground as afro futurism. The debates of the future for black and brown americans via the system of education or workforce and what is black excellence. This deflecting back on history on what slave meant then and now. This painting reflects on what it is to be wiped from history and politics despite the muscle and culture we placed in advancing here in America. The trade off of assimilation and displacement for safety.

Artist's IG: @nine.cess.