Salem Krieger 
Lot #140

Auto America - SD ,  1992 

Mounted Print. Limited Edition: 15 

20 x 30" (Image Size: 19 x 28”)

From the photographic series “Auto America”, capturing random encounters seen through the  car windows, motel rooms, and general wonderings in the American West. I’m very attracted to the sense of openness and large space seen out west. “Auto America - SD” was photographed on transparency film while driving through South  Dakota. Late one summer afternoon while driving on the highway, a large rain storm was  approaching and in the distance 
I saw a chunk of yellow against tubes of blue. When I was  close enough, I got out of the car very quietly so as not 
to disturb the person sitting. Shot a  few frames and left quietly. 

Artist's Bio:  

Based in New York City, I work as a professional architectural and portrait  photographer. My clients include Forbes Magazine, Financial Times of London, Whole  Foods Market, NIKE, The United States National Guard Association, numerous other  publishers and private clients. In creating my personal work, my skills developed as a  working photographer have been applied, understanding both concept to execution. I  have also assisted artists, e.g. Andrés Serrano and Krzysztof Wodiczko. I attended  the Chicago Academy of Fine Art and selective classes at the Art Institute of Chicago,  the Santa Fe Workshop with portrait photographer Dan Winters and the Maine Photographic Workshop with National  Geographic photographer Bob Sacha.

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