Rene Maynez
Lot #139

El bufon y sus decadentes seguidores...Crumbling, 2020

Mixed Media on canvas. 

20 x 16"

Artist statement:

In these belligerent times in which we are constantly bombarded by dark and bloody news, it is important to reflect on our own need to change from within. We cannot control all of the outside events, but we can find a place to turn our own fears into courage; a place of safety in which we challenge our own rigid ideas and make them gentler. Art can be used as an instrument of protest to bring change to our conformist society, but it is also used to make ourselves better, and to bring ourselves peace from the emptiness of violence and sensationalism.

Artist's Bio:

René Máynez, born in Mexico, has developed his artistic career in New York, where he has lived since 1981. Máynez is a largely self-taught artist who exhibits regularly in New York, Mexico, and Europe.

As a painter I’m drawn to contemporary and modern art.  My work comes from personal experiences.  Forms with memory, which sometimes remind me of things that I used to examine as a child, something that is in my subconscious, and that now appears in an abstract and unexpected way in my work.  A process that could be called and be, a form of visual amnesia bordering on memory.  My inspiration is linked to frankness and the methods used to transform experiences and feelings into visual facts.  A never premeditated work that usually is;  always fresh and new.

Artist's IG:  @maynez_r?r=nametag;  @lgbt_art_world?r=nametag