Paloma Obergh
Lot #138

Corrupted Ecosystem, 2018

Watercolor on paper.

20 x 15"

‘Looking at the paintings of Palén Obesa is like watching oneself unravel. Her work threatens the boundaries of physical autonomy, all the superficial walls constructed to keep the world out, to demarcate the border between self and others. Palén Obesa is aware of this: how art and women share aspects of objectification. She anticipates our gaze even as she subverts it. The dismembered parts of the women she paints refuse to be thrown out like garbage. “Look at what you’ve done,” she’s saying. “Look at the destruction you’ve wrought. Look at how it manifests on our bodies.” She will not let us look away so easily. Her work will leave you feeling unraveled, in disrepair. I suspect that's the whole point.’ by Zach Shultz

Artist's Bio:

Palén Obesa [Paloma Leida Natividad Obergh Santos] is a visual artist who works and lives in New York, NY. She received her BFA in painting and drawing, and minor in art history at SUNY Purchase College in 2017. Obesa was originally born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States at the age of fifteen.Through her practice, Obesa has been exploring multiple themes that can be controversial, ominous or too complex to discuss. By doing so, she hopes to open wider and less biased conversations about them. Some of these topics include womanhood and what does it mean to be a female, and adultcentrism and its negative effects on children. By addressing patriotism and cultural identity, she also comments on the hybrid society of immigrants who are struggling with cultural assimilation, language acquisition and racism.

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