Maura Falfan
Lot #136

Feathers, 2019

Acrylic on canvas panel.

12 x 12" (16 x 16" with frame)

Feathers is a personal homage to surrealist artist Max Ernst. It is the outcome of my experimenting with left over pieces of dry acrylic paint. It is a lighter piece due to its whimsical quality.


Artist's Bio: 

Maura Falfan (Mexico City, 1973) studied her MFA at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY (2008-2010) and her BFA at the National School for Painting, Sculpture and Etching (ENPEG) La Esmeralda, Mexico City (1996-2001). Initially trained as a photographer, her interest in the concept of the vestige, as a sign referring to an absence, has been central to her artistic research. Later, the idea of the ineffable and its possibility of manifestation through painting became her center of inquiry and process. For the past decade Maura has produced what she refers to as interior landscapes, visually abstract images of dark and monochromatic fields that accentuate the sensual and layered aspects of painting.

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