Giannina Gutierrez
Lot #112

Inner Space, 2020

Broken mirror, oil on canvas.

18 x 24"

Inner Space was created from the moments of being left alone, removed from daily distractions. The far removal of interactions and distractions, left me with only myself. I went through a journey in inner space, left to reflect deeply. 

Artist's Bio: 

Giannina Gutierrez is a multi disciplinary artist based in East Harlem, NYC. A true mixed media artist, she works in a variety of mediums and disciplines. Giannina looks to create work that expands past an aesthetic, generating an experience and engaging with the environment. A Native New Yorker, she draws from her vast palette of experience, inspirations and landscapes to convey her ideas and reflections, blurring the lines of internal and external realities. Giannina studied Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute. From fine art to street art, Giannina’s experience includes public art, murals, exhibitions and teaching. Her work has been featured in several galleries, public art projects, publications throughout NYC, Miami, Chicago, & Puerto Rico. 

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