Noreen Dean Dresser
Lot #111

Smokey from the Couriers of Our Natures, 2019

Ashes, matches, US postage stamp.

5 x 7"

Couriers of Our Natures series examines the consumption of nature.

Artist's Bio:   

Noreen Dean Dresser explores human agency and the ethical issues of our time. Her experiences in the National Service for 32 years and her active support in Disasters and war, have afforded dresser’s art practice a unique observation of Civil, social scientific and economic interest.  Dresser has turned her attention to the readily available idealized Postage stamps to contrast with the actual burned land and chemical damage.  Dresser clearly presents human agency amidst the environmental and political crisis that are accelerating. Noreen has exhibited in the tri-state, California, and Europe and is the Director of Parlour 153, a visual and performing arts salon in Harlem.

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