Tomo Mori
Lot #109

Intertwined, 2020

Discarded fabrics, wire and acrylic paint/medium.

40 x 30 x 12"

'Intertwined' is about the complexity of human connection, some tie knots, cross over, tangle, or pass by, then together create an organism. These ropes are carefully hand made from discarded fabrics.  Wires inside allow controlling the form. Gradations of subtle colors represent our emotion, searching for warmth and light.


Artist's Bio:  Tomo Mori is a native of Japan, working and living in West Harlem.Her work is known for her intricate fabric collages and fiber art installations. They have been exhibited in various places from local non-profit venues to international art fairs. Public art has been one of Tomo's strong interests as well as her gallery work.  In 2016, she was commissioned to paint mural at Columbia University's Miller Theatre. And, she received a permanent public art commission from MTA Art & Design and the project and installed in early 2018. For the 2019 summer season she installed 360-degree mural on Governors Island.

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