George Singley
Lot #103

Feedback, 2017

Oil on canvas

36 x 42"

In a city filled with technology and aviation, a woman is having lunch.  Technology provides much of the wealth of America today.  In 2020 the Space Force was inaugurated (this is now a real government agency).  What would our world be like if we stopped allocating $730 billion dollars each year to the military? 

Artist's Bio:   Born in Baltimore, Maryland, George Singley has been painting in New York since 1980.  My work has appeared in numerous solo and group shows in New York City and other locales.   I have exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Butler Institute of Art.   At various times I have been represented by Ellen Sragow Gallery, Howard Scott Gallery in New York City and Art 101 and Test Site Galleries in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

Artist's Website: