Alice Momm
Lot #122

Horse and Rider, 2020

18"h x 24.5"long x 15"deep

My weavings grew from a moment of reckoning as I took stock of the piles of materials that had accumulated in my small, crowded Harlem studio. I had recently returned from participating in a Land Art Biennale in Northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle. To get there, I flew two planes, boarded a bus, a ferry, and another bus - and then spent the next few weeks weaving ephemeral sculptures from dried stalks of grass. In examining both my carbon footprint for that trip and my most minimal needs for making art, I decided that I really could do better. To start with there would be no need to purchase any new materials. I could sweep through the piles and scraps in my studio (skeins of yarn, coffee cup sleeves, sticks, pine needles, bark and notes...) and that woven together, these disparate elements might well represent the fractured amalgam of my life in the city.

Artist's Bio:

Alice Momm is a Harlem based artist whose ephemeral and sculptural work have been inspired both by her immersion in and longing for a connection with the natural world. Momm has exhibited her work in the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, ODETTA Gallery, Kjerringoy Land Art Biennale, in Northern Norway, the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, and the Flux Art Fair in Harlem as well as other venues around the country.

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