Dominique de Cock
Lot #121

Essential Memory 19, January 2020

Water, gouache, charcoal dust on wax paper.

12 x 11"

Essential Memories

My work emanates serendipity as it examines the fleeting quality of time.

As the outside world permeates our inner selves, creating memories that shape us, I blow dust randomly on improbable shapes, revealed into existence by pearls of water and tints of gouache.

Artist's Bio:

Visual artist Dominique de Cock started her career in Brussels. She was in 1984 the recipient of a research grant of the TAMAT Musee  Federation Wallonie Bruxelles. 

After working as a set designer for several theaters in Belgium, France and Germany she pursued that career in the U.S. after moving to Long Island in the early 1990s.

She was one of the founders of Ninbark International, Environmental Concepts 2001 - 2003. Recipient of the NYSCA grant: Jump Start the Arts, the group exhibited at the Huntington Arts Council and Ashawagh Hall in Springs, East Hampton.

Moving to Harlem in 2010, she translated her set design experience into fine arts. She experiments with fragile materials like dust, air and shadows, wax and tissue paper, creating sculptures and drawings that register the movement of the earth and the passage of time.

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