Denver Crawford
Lot #102

Information War, 2020

Mixed media, paper, ink, staples

11 x 14"

"Information War" refers to the age of information and how information is argued, interpreted, and understood.  Using a combination of both typewritten text and hand-written, the same words are placed in deep conflict with each other.  The "information" of the words is inherently the same, but the presentation of the same idea is starkly different and raises questions as to how we choose to articulate ideas and information.  The individual sheets of paper are both stapled to a larger piece of paper on which nothing is written.  This raises further questions about what spaces hold the information we are attempting to articulate.  In a world where we have begun arguing facts with each other, we must look at how we consume and digest information.

Artist's Bio: Denver Crawford is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in the mediums of performance, writing, music, and photography.  His work examines the nature of queer identity, time and space, our relationship to technology, and nihilism.