Svetlana Bachevanova
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Roma New Year Celebration (SOLD), 2008

The sale of this print supports the production of the book Borderland/La Frontera.

The prints are produced from digital files  on the highest quality Fine Art Paper Matte or Baryta with signed by the photographer certificate of authenticity.
 FotoEvidence Authentic Stamp on the verso.3/8

11 x 14 inches print, 10 x 11 1/2 inches image size

Donor: Svetlana Bachevanova
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Roma New Year Celebration.

In some clans of the Bulgarian roma the new year is celebrated on January 14th. with music and dances. Men usually dressed as women.


Svetlana Bachevanova is a publisher  and co-founder of FotoEvidence and documentary photographer with interest in human rights that began while living under a communist dictatorship in her native Bulgaria. In 1989, after the fall of the regime, Svetlana join the first anticommunist newspaper "Demokratia" where she led the photo department. Seven years later she became the head of the photo department in the Bulgarian News Agency. Svetlana covered the transition to democracy in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, the war in Kosovo and Bosnia, the separation of the Soviet Union, the revolution in Romania. In 2001 Svetlana moved to New York where she founded FotoEvidence to continue her life work of using photography to fight oppression and expose human rights violations. She seeks to help photographers who work to document and fight against human rights violation so the story of her country and friends will never happen again.