Javier Arcenillas
Lot #026

Sicarios, 2010

The print is produced from a digital file  on the highest quality Fine Art Paper Matte or Baryta with certificate of authenticity.
 FotoEvidence Authentic Stamp on the verso. 1/5

11x 14"

Donor: Javier Arcenillas

A hooded sicario threatens me for a few seconds in zone 14 of Guatemala City.

The image of the hooded sicario was on the cover of the first FotoEvidence Book Award book- Sicarios: Latin American Assassins by Javier Arcenillas.
The book  takes the viewer into the underworld of the assassin in Guatemala, where society has been savaged by a culture of murder for hire. Hit men operate with impunity in a country where ninety-five percent of murders remain unsolved.

Sicarios is selected as one of the Best photo books of 2011 by Photo-Eye.

Javier Arcenillas is a recipient of the World Press Photo award, LPOY17 and the Getty Grant among others


Javier Arcenillas is a photographer, humanist and psychologist at the Complutense Univercity in Madrid. He teaches photojournalism and documentary photography at the International School PICA.

Javier's work is focused on developing essays where the main characters are integrated in societies with violated  human rights.