Tim Hetherington

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Tim Hetherington
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Tim Hetherington, killed in combat on April 20, 2011 in Libya, was considered by many to be the finest multimedia journalist of his generation. In a 15-year career, Tim shaped the fields of photojournalism, documentary film and video. His deeply conceptual books helped establish new directions for narrative photography while his Oscar-nominated film, Restrepo, changed the way Americans viewed the Afghan war.

This exhibition Visions presented at the Bronx Documentary Center showed Tim's work from Libya for the first time. Other seminal works that reflected his visionary approach to image-making were included as well.

Artist Bio: Born in Liverpool, England in 1970 and educated at Oxford University, Tim Hetherington began photographing in the 1990's for a magazine dedicated to London's homeless. An early proponent of multimedia, Tim frequently combined words, sound, photography, and film. He soon gravitated to West Africa, where he made a name for himself covering the Liberian civil war.