Armeidah Izolag

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Armeidah Izolag
Lot #24


marker and acrylic on paper

35" x 25"

Minimum Bid: $150
Value: $500

From a young age Izolag became interested in drawing and painting as a child, in Bahia, where he spent his adolescence. In Salvador, he studied plastic arts and deepened his research on graffiti, stencil, poster and calligraphy, becoming a fundamental piece of the stencil technique. He is known for using this technique on a large scale and with several layers of colors, creating a more realistic illusion of the images. He is one of the pioneers in Brazil.

In 2015 Izolag exhibited his work in BronxArtSpace's Faces from the Block exhibition and created new murals nearby with fellow artist Anada Nahu.

Artist Bio: Born in Rio de Janeiro, Izolag has exhibited his work in Brazil, Germany, Holland, United States, Belgium and Australia. In 2013, he invented a new stencil technique with angled lines. In addition the artist is known for destroying his engraving after a single use, and in 2014 he built the largest stencil in the world, the largest engraving ever made in history, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. He currently lives in São Paulo