Linda Cunningham

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Linda Cunningham
Lot #13

Unwinding  1997

collage, photo copy, brass

22” x 29”/ 32" x 40" framed

Minimum Bid: $550
Value: $850

Layers of torn edges and severed forms distinguish Linda Cunningham’s large format drawing/ constructions. The tactile sensibility of her work comes from her interest in the qualities of materials, observed or found. She transforms found materials, a kind of “Urban Mining,” and preserves the qualities of found materials with the material history inscribed in their surface.

Artist Bio: Linda Cunningham is a Bronx-based artist who exhibits extensively both in New York and Germany. She is represented by Art Capsule and Odetta Gallery in Brooklyn. She was involved in organizing the first open artist studios in the South Bronx in 2005, and in early 2009 began working with Mitsu Hadeishi to co-found BronxArtSpace.