Michael McCarthy

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Michael McCarthy
Lot #02

Earthbound series  2017


Minimum Bid: $150
Value: $350

Michael McCarthy's works, seemingly serene and peaceful, engender feelings of anxiety. The near absence of human references leads one to wonder where the humans have gone. Might these series of photographs be traces of the beautiful and beguiling calm after the storm and violence, pictures of a world left behind, no longer occupied by humans?

This work was exhibited at BronxArtSpace as part of the exhibition Future Perfect on view January - February 2018.

Artist Bio: Michael McCarthy researches have led him throughout Europe for the last 15 years to Southern France, Italy, and Greece before moving to Paris where he has lived for the last seven years. Michael has been teaching in university art programs for nearly twenty years in the US, Italy, Greece, and France. He has received numerous awards and has appeared in galleries and museums in the U.S. and Europe.