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"Peaking Pine Martin" Print by Wil Harmsen

Donor: Wil Harmsen
value $45

This Portrait of a Pine Martin was taken in Yellowstone National Park in the Fall of 2010. Wil shares his story, "We were parked in a pull over next to the Yellowstone River. We had been waiting for hours to see the Canyon Pak of wolves with no luck. My equipment was set up to shoot across the river so I had on a 800mm lens with a doubler. I was scanning the area with my mind on wolves when my wife barely put her hand out of the cab of the truck and started waving at me. She whispered "Pine Martin" very quietly but excitedly while pointing to the tree in front of the truck. I did not believe her. She had never seen a Pine Martin, plus they are fairly elusive. Yet there it was seemly posing for me for a few minutes. I could not believe my good fortune! Sometimes patience pays off unexpectedly!" Matted Print 11 X 14 About the Photographer: Wil Harmsen is a native Coloradan living in Montrose with his wife, Amy and daughter Addison. A Mortgage Banker with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage by day. Will aspires to make the transition to photography full time. In May of 2010 he and his wife opened the Canyon Gallery in Montrose to make his dream come true. Will has been in love with wildlife and mountain adventures all his life. He has hiked most of Western Colorado trails, and climbed every peak in Western Colorado. He has always carried a camera with him and has found a special interest in wildlife photography. It is his passion to capture stunning wildlife photos. He travels to Yellowstone National Park several times a year in pursuit of capturing amazing photographs of wolves and bears. It is there that he has captured some of his best images to date.