Demo Auction Link and Instructions:
Demo Link:

Each auction event has a custom splash page of which this demo auction uses an example redacted from a past event.

The above link will take you to a typical "splash page" which is customized for each event. The link to Register will take you to a sample registration page, which is also customized for each client. On this page you will find two bidder ID#'s, paired to two email addresses. Please use these to demo the bidding process. You and a colleague can bid against each other.

You will be bidding as a typical public auction participant. If you would like to review the admin and cataloging process, please contact us directly for a brief walk through (by phone, 646-242-7909)

* A note on the catalog page templates: there are two different templates employed in the Demo Auction. Categories 1-4 use versions of the template that is typical for "goods and services". Categories 7 uses a template that is especially designed for art auctions (but can also be used for "goods and services" if preferred). Arts organizations can use this as their primary online exhibition platform tied to a purchase and auction capability year round. Both templates are customizable for colors and fonts and background.

We provide each auction client a unique level of hands on support and customization and we look forward to discussing the details of your event with you.