Gregory de la Haba
Lot #101

Stellar Totem (Montauk Totem),

One Original, Hand-Carved Surfboard: Foam, Plaster, Paint with free-standing steel base)

Approx: 9'6" (height) x 2' (width) x 4" (thick)

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Estimate $12,000

An exceptionally skilled painter with a pedagogical lineage that stretches back to the great Neoclassicist Jacques-Louis David, de la Haba's picture-making is a direct consequence of his personal engagement in gambling, horse-racing and barrooms and further expounds on his interests in contemporary notions of masculinity via sculpture, photography and video. A graduate of Harvard University, de la Haba spent more than 10 years at Belmont and Saratoga racetracks handicapping the ponies - and winning - to the point where he became a horse owner, stepping into the winner's circle on more than one occasion (hence the horse iconography in his work). He created the murals for Sean MacPherson’s Roger Room in LA, and at Mister H. inside the Mondrian Hotel in Chinatown, NYC. In 2013, de la Haba curated the highly successful show Who Shot Natalie White? at Rox Gallery, NYC and wrote the book Magnificent Obsession on the late Abstract-Expressionist painter Joann Gedney. Publisher of Whitehot Magazine and Quiet Lunch, de la Haba lives and works in New York City with his wife and two young sons.